Chris & Chelsea: Our Wedding Video (By Ray McShane at The Alverton)

On Sunday August 7th, 2016 – Chris and I celebrated our wedding at The Alverton, Truro. Though we had already married in Bellingham on New Year’s Eve, this was our chance to celebrate with friends, family and each other.

The Wedding Ceremony & Reception

We treated the wedding blessing as if it were our wedding day itself – repeated our vows to each other and held a small ceremony. After the ceremony we mingled with guests – some of whom had travelled all the way from the United States – enjoyed each other’s company, danced and ate.

The morning was spent preparing. As our guests arrived and took their seats, we stepped out into the main hall of the Alverton for a small ceremony conducted by Chris’ uncle. Once the ceremony was over we headed outside for the confetti toss, photo opportunities and to talk with our guests.

Later on that afternoon, the hall was transformed into a beautiful reception venue where we sat to eat and listen to the speeches. Finally the day ended with hours of dancing into the small hours of the morning. It was a whirlwind, but a wonderful day.

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The whole day was captured on film by Ray McShane, and the 10 minute cut can be seen here. From preparing for the big moment, to dancing late into the night – we’re so happy to have this memento from an amazing day.

What’s Next?

Now that Chris and I have married (twice) – and closed the distance between us, we are embarking on ‘normal life’ together. This year, since our wedding blessing, we have moved to Nottingham and Chris has started in a new job. We know the future holds a lot for us and though we may not know exactly what that is – we are excited to embrace it together.

Wishing happiness to all the other long distance couples out there waiting to close the distance and enjoy regular life together!



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Chelsea Martin

Chelsea Martin is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI). She has been training dogs professionally since 2007, and is the Head Coach for Dogs Trust Dog School Nottinghamshire. She met Chris on a trip to England in 2013, Married him on New Year's Eve - celebrating 2016 as husband and wife!