How to Move Your Pet to the UK: Advice From an Expat (Vlog #15)

Moving to a foreign country can be a stressful experience. But that is only amplified if you are moving with a pet. Whether it’s a beloved cat, dog, rabbit or more exotic creature – we all want our pets to arrive safely at our new home. But unfortunately, as Chris and I discovered, relocating a pet to the UK is no easy task.

Challenges of Relocating with a Pet

The first challenge we faced was the lack of information. There seems to be little written guidance on the procedures, timeline or requirements of shipping a pet. Then, of course, there are the strict regulations imposed by the UK government. Pets must fly cargo (if arriving by air), have a full EU health certificate and you – as the owner – must arrive within 5 days.

In this video, we explain what we learnt about relocating to the UK with a pet from our own experiences moving Apple (my Miniature Dachshund) to the country. We give a few pointers, pieces of advice and sources of guidance for how you can get the ball rolling on your own journey too.

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Links & Further Information

Throughout this video, we discuss a lot of different sources of information, as well as a couple of the forms and companies you might come into contact with during the process. Use the links below to find out more information on each:

Of course, this is based on my experience. Apple and I moved to the UK from the USA – and I used a pet travel agent in British Columbia (Canada) to help arrange direct flights from Vancouver. Your experience may differ depending on which country you are applying from.

If you have moved to the UK with your pet before, please feel free to share your advice, tips and questions in the comments below.



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