Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Ray McShane

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Cover

In late May of 2016, Chelsea and I travelled to Plymouth to make the final preparations for our wedding blessing in August. Our wedding blessing was originally intended to be our actual wedding. However since we have already had our secret visa wedding we decided to keep the date as the day we’re emotionally invested in. Our friends and family will be there and for all intents and purposes, it will act as our wedding date.

Our first appointment in Plymouth was with our videographer – Ray McShane. As a part of the videography package we chose, we received a pre-wedding photoshoot. Because of our busy schedule, we made sure that this was early on in our trip so that we would definitely have the time to make sure the photos turned out great. And they did! These are a selection of our favourite photos from that session.

On Plymouth’s Barbican

Although whilst travelling to Plymouth, the sun was shining all day – the moment we met for the photoshoot the weather turned cloudy and wet (a predictably British trait). Undeterred by the rain, we still wanted to make the most of our time with Ray and used the rain to our advantage. This led to the great umbrella shot we’re using as the cover photo to this blog post.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 2

A Candid Kiss Caught on Camera

Fortunately, just as soon as it started, the rain stopped. Knowing we had to take advantage of our luck while it lasted, we ditched the umbrella and posed for some candid shots. Ray did a fantastic job in directing us where to look and how to pose (neither Chelsea or I are natural in front of the camera). I imagine a lot of these shots ended up on the cutting room floor, but we did manage to get one candid kiss!

We love a lot about this photo, including the reflection captured by the water, how natural we look (it really is a rarity) and the warm, soft feel of the lighting.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 3

On the Barbican Steps

Next, we posed on the barbican harbour steps. For those unfamiliar, the Barbican of Plymouth is the site where the Pilgrim Fathers left in search of a better life the USA. While the original steps have long since been built over, this still had a special significance to us. And what better representation of a British/American relationship too.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 4

A Second Shot on the Steps

We took quite a few photos on the steps, from different angles and in different poses. The ground was a little damp, but we’re certainly glad we were able to get these great photos from it. These were the last photos we took before heading back to the car to collect Apple (our Miniature Dachshund) and introduce her into some of the later photos.

Apple & Our Pre-Wedding Photos

Though we brought Apple with us for the photoshoot, we’ve heard the age-old advice before: never work with children or animals. Experience also told us that Apple is so curious, it can be hard to get photos with all three of us looking in the same direction! So for the first half of the session, she waited patiently in our car.

We did want her in at  least some of our photos though. So as the first hour drew to a close, we headed back to the car to pick her up (along with a few treats to keep her focus on the camera while shots were being taken).

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 5

Walking Down The Old Streets

The first photo that Apple featured in was one of the three of us walking down the old streets together. One of the things we loved about the Barbican location was the look and feel of the historic buildings. This photo captures us, as one family, immersed in the history and the company of each other.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 6

Outside the Pub

What quintessentially British photoshoot would be complete with at least one shot outside of a pub? We really come to the foreground in this photo and Ray managed to catch us at a moment where we’re caught up in each others’ eyes. It may look a little like we’re pulling faces at each other… but we aren’t (or, I don’t think so at least).

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 7

Our Family

Perhaps my favourite of all of our photos is this one of Chelsea, Apple and myself. None of us are looking at the camera. In fact, none of us are even looking in the same direction. But there’s a great dynamic in this picture and it’s one that gives me a lot of pride to look at. This is our family, together after 3 years of beating the distance and nothing can take that away from us.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 9

Apple – The Star of the Show

Of course, we couldn’t leave without a photo of Apple! Nearly everyone we passed thought she was super-cute… she definitely stole the show. One of the last photos of the evening, as the light was finally beginning to fade, was this incredible shot of her waiting patiently for us to finish chatting with Ray.

Overall, we had a fantastic evening with Ray. He really put us at ease about the wedding day and walked us through what would be happening. The idea of 2-3 photographers & videographers descending upon our wedding is a little daunting, so it’s always nice to get some clarification about the day. On top of that we came away with some lovely photos that we’ll be keeping & framing as soon as we get the chance.

We’re more excited than ever for our wedding (blessing) in August and hopeful we’re get high quality photos/ videos which we can share with our friends and family who weren’t able to make the journey.



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