Featured App: Personal Messenger

Featured App Personal Messenger

Recently we were lucky enough to chat to Jay of Anomaly Innovations. Jay is also the developer of Personal Messenger – a long distance relationship app. The app functions similar to Face Time but is specifically designed with long distance couples in mind. To this end, it has a couple of extra features that make the distance that little bit easier.

We love the app and would encourage you to check it out for yourself over on the Personal Messenger website. It is available to download on the Apple App Store for free today and will be made available on Google Play soon. To tell you a bit more about the app and the inspiration behind it, we’ll let Jay take it from here.

1. Tell us a bit about your LDR

Maria (my girlfriend) and I had been friends for a year and half before we started dating. So we used to do almost everything together and we get along really well. Fast forward to March of this year and I made a trip back to Toronto to visit my parents and on the flight back my co-founder and I ran into some visa issues. It was completely unexpected and we were really shocked by it.

Within weeks it became obvious that it was going to be a long process for me to get my visa fixed. We’ve been trying to adapt to the abrupt change. She visited me in Canada recently and we took a road trip through Quebec. We try and FaceTime every other day but it is really hard since our relationship is based so much on us doing fun things together.

2. What inspired Personal Messenger?

The visa issues happened so suddenly that it felt really jarring for our relationship. FaceTime was a reasonable way to stay in touch but we needed to schedule it for every day. And some days we might be too tired to spend some time on it at night. When we missed a couple of days of FaceTime it would feel really strange and we felt like we were out of touch with each other. Texting just felt so impersonal for us. There are only so many kiss emojis you can send before it becomes meaningless.

So we just wanted a way to see each other throughout the day. It really means a lot when you know they are thinking of you and you can talk to them anytime. We really wanted a way to “FaceTime” throughout the day. And as an app developer the natural thing for me to do was to make an app to solve the problem.

3. How would you describe Personal Messenger?

Personal Messenger Screenshots

The Personal Messenger App

Personal Messenger is a really simple app for long distance families and friends. FaceTime across timezones can be really hard and PM makes it easy to have a video conversation without having to set up a call. And you can send your loved ones a message anytime you are thinking of them.

4. How do you use the app in your LDR?

I’m on the East coast and Maria is on the West coast. I wake up before her and I make sure to send her a good morning kiss through PM. I want her to wake up to a sweet message from me. While at work we talk to each other whenever we get a chance. Anytime she is thinking of me she would send me a PM.

But I think my favorite part about PM is that you can swipe back to see the conversation. So sometimes I just sit and look through our old messages. Those messages mean a lot to the both of us and it almost takes you back in time. While FaceTime calls are very ephemeral, PM can create some amazing memories.

5. What LDR advice would you give to others?

To be honest, I haven’t been in this situation long enough to be able to give credible advice. But I do know what has worked for us and maybe that can help somebody else. I think constant face to face communication has made a huge difference for us.

So much of our communication is non-verbal. If you can’t see the person that is sending you the text messages you are really missing out on most of what they are really feeling. This is fine for short one off messages but if you are in a LDR that can be difference between feeling like you are there vs feeling completely disconnected.

Have you got an app that you would like us to feature? We can’t guarantee a spot on our blog, but if we like it enough we will do our best. For more info drop us an email at info@lovemybrit.com with the name of the app and a brief description of yourself.

– Chris & Chelsea


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  • Hello Chris,

    I’ve read all of your comments in here. Like them I have my own question. I’m going to apply a fiancee visa for UK. All I know I need to fill up the form VAF4A. When I go to the vsf website Philippines there is no VAF4A. But still I fill up the form for settlement < Settlement < unmarried partner? Is this right?

    Thanks for your help in advance

    • Hi Gen,

      The best place to start is here on the UK Government visas and immigration website. If you follow the on screen instructions, it will guide you to the correct form: http://bit.ly/1ocUebR.

      If you want to practise before making the application for real, you can find a copy of the VAF4A form to download and print here: http://bit.ly/1sHE75z.

      Hope that helps!