251+ Open When Letter Ideas

Open When Letter Ideas

Read any long distance relationship blog (or story) and one piece of advice will come up time and time again. Communication is key. It’s true – but it’s also difficult. Especially when you cannot be with your partner on the days they need you most. Whether it’s times of celebration, hardship or just feeling low – communicating via text or video just isn’t the same.

Open when letters are the perfect form of communication for these moments. For those unfamiliar, an ‘open when’ letter is a sealed envelope with details of when it should be opened written on the front. Every envelope follows a similar format: “open when…[time/event here].

The contents of each envelope can be tailored to that situation. For example – an open when you’re feeling sad envelope would typically contain a pick-me-up. Or, an open when you need me envelope could contain a reminder of how soon you will be together again. The possibilities are endless. From links to hidden YouTube videos, to sweet treats and hand-written notes, what you include is limited only by your imagination.

251 Open When Letter Ideas

Stacks of open when letters are ideal for birthday/Christmas presents. They give your partner something fun to look forward to opening throughout the upcoming year. But by far the hardest part of putting together your stack is coming up with creative ideas. Knowing how to label your letters is over half the challenge.

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A Selection of the Open When Letter Ideas

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 251 ideas for you to choose from. Use them all if you’re feeling adventurous, or just pick your favourites – it’s up to you. We’ve even broken down the ideas  into 8 topics to help you easily navigate through the list. Below you’ll find open when letters based on: months/holidays, the weather, how your partner is feeling, reasons for celebration, remembering moments together, what your partner is thinking about, locations and a few miscellaneous ones too.

The List in Full

Months & Holidays
1 It’s New Year’s Eve
2 It’s New Year’s day
3 It’s Valentines day
4 It’s St. Patrick’s day
5 It’s Good Friday
6 It’s Easter Sunday
7 It’s Independence day
8 It’s Mother’s day
9 It’s Father’s day
10 It’s Halloween
11 It’s Bonfire Night
12 It’s Thanksgiving
13 It’s Christmas Eve
14 It’s Christmas Day
15 It’s the first day of Spring
16 It’s the first day of Summer
17 It’s the first day of Autumn
18 It’s the first day of Winter
19 You see the year’s first bloomed flower
20 The sun sets after 8pm for the first time
21 You see the first leaf fall from the trees
22 You catch a falling leaf
23 You see the first snowfall of Winter
24 It’s the first day of the school term
25 It’s the last day of the school term
The Weather
26 It’s sunny outside
27 You spot a funny shaped cloud
28 It’s raining and you don’t want to go outside
29 There is a thunderstorm
30 It’s windy and you struggled to walk
31 When it starts to hail
32 The day is so cloudy it feels like night
33 You can’t leave your house because of snow
34 You want to build a snowman with me
35 It’s too cold and you can’t get warm
36 It’s too hot and you can’t cool down
37 The breeze catches you off guard
38 Your teeth are chattering because of the cold
39 You forgot your jacket
40 You forgot to wear sunscreen and were burnt
When You Feel…
41 Ecstatic and are on top of the world
42 Cheery and can’t be brought down
43 Affectionate but don’t have me with you
44 Enthusiastic (about something you love)
45 Romantic and wish we could be together
46 As though you need a cuddle
47 Excited for our next visit
48 Optimistic about the future
49 Fed up with life and want to quit
50 Lost with nowhere to turn
51 Regretful about something you did in the past
52 Tender (a moment where you need me)
53 Hopeless and need a little hand
54 As though you can’t do anything right
55 Powerless to help
56 Worried about the future
57 Nervous about tomorrow
58 Desperate for someone to talk to
59 Intimidated by a new challenge
60 Protective over me
61 Frustrated with yourself
62 Frustrated with me
63 Misunderstood
64 As though I am neglecting you
65 Devastated by recent news
66 Rejected by family
67 Just a little bit grouchy
68 Someone has offended you
69 Someone has embarrassed you
70 Aren’t able to sleep
71 Woke up in the middle of the night
72 Had a nightmare
73 Are feeling under the weather
74 Can’t get out of bed
75 Were injured in an accident
Reasons to Celebrate
76 It’s the anniversary of when we started dating
77 It’s our wedding anniversary
78 It’s my birthday
79 It’s your birthday
80 You graduated college
81 You bought a new car
82 You sold your old car
83 You bought your first home
84 You moved to a new home
85 You got a promotion at work
86 You found a new job
87 You added a new pet to the family
88 It’s one month until our next visit
89 It’s one week until our next visit
90 You are on your way to visit me
91 You are waiting at the airport for me
92 We are about to close the distance between us
93 We submit our visa application
94 We receive our visa decision
95 You are thinking about proposing
96 The day you propose to me
97 On our wedding day
98 The day after our wedding
99 We find out we’re having a baby
100 You find out I’m giving birth
On the Anniversary of…
101 The first time we met
102 Our first conversation
103 Our first kiss
104 The first time we held hands
105 Our first night together
106 The first holiday we celebrated
107 The first meal we cooked together
108 Our first true date
109 Our first long distance date
110 The first adventure we had
111 The first vacation we took
112 The first time we went to the movies
113 The first time we went to a restaurant
114 The first time we bought something together
115 Our first argument (if you can remember)
116 The first time we baked together
117 Our first goodbye
118 Our most recent goodbye
119 The day you proposed
120 Our wedding day
When You Need…
121 Somebody to hug
122 A kiss to make you feel better
123 Someone to massage your joints
124 A foot rub after a tiring day
125 My support during the tough times
126 To know how much I love you
127 Need to talk to me but can’t
128 To let off some steam
129 Something to do after plans backfire
130 Help falling asleep
131 To know that I am here for you
132 Motivation to get up for the day
133 Motivation to keep going through a tough day
134 To know that I’m not always mad at you
135 Reminding the world isn’t against you
136 Help with your friends
137 Help with my friends
138 Strength to deal with your family
139 Strength to deal with my family
140 Advice about work
141 Help in making an important decision
142 Courage to deal with a problem
143 Comfort after criticism at work
144 Advice about what to do when we disagree
145 A break from waiting to be together
146 Time to yourself
147 To speak to me but I am mad
148 A push out of your comfort zone
149 To know we won’t be apart forever
150 Help staying awake
151 To know how to deal with my stress
152 To know how to deal with your stress
153 Me to be around for you
154 To be around for me
155 Help planning our wedding
156 Help applying for a visa
157 Comfort about our future
158 Advice on your new pet
159 Something to eat (but don’t want to cook)
160 Something to drink
161 Something that reminds you of my country
162 Something that reminds you of home
163 A little caffeine for the long nights
164 Me there to do nothing but listen
165 To know that you are not alone
166 A little bit of a distraction
167 Some fun to lighten your mood
168 A backup plan for a rainy day
169 A surprise to cheer you up
170 To know things will get better
171 To hear a friendly voice
172 Good news after a bad day
173 A break from the internet
174 To get out of the house
175 Rescuing from your own thoughts
When You Think About…
176 My scent which makes you miss me
177 My smile
178 Us laughing together
179 Our past
180 The future ahead of us
181 Laying in bed with me
182 Sitting beside me
183 How our children will be
184 Holding my hand
185 Kissing me
186 How much you want to hug me
187 The times we have cuddled together
188 Our last visit
189 Our next visit
190 Your dreams and my dreams
191 Our hopes for what will come
192 What we have overcome
193 Your proudest achievement
194 A moment you regret
195 The sad times we’ve shared
196 Saying goodbye to me
197 Our engagement party
198 Our wedding day
199 Writing our vows
200 Our honeymoon
201 Our pets
202 My quirks that you put up with
203 A time I was angry with you
204 Our very first meeting
205 How I make you feel
206 How long we have to wait to be together
207 Booking our next visit
208 The doubts you have
209 Your worst fears
210 Growing old together
211 A year from now
212 Our adventures together
213 What you wish I didn’t do
214 The big questions in life
215 My love for you
Locations & Places
216 At home on your own
217 At work on a stressful day
218 In the car on a long drive
219 Stuck on public transport
220 In our favourite spot
221 At our favourite restaurant
222 On the beach
223 Out with friends
224 With your family
225 In the hospital
226 Lying in bed without me
227 At the movie theatre
228 Out on a walk
229 At the gym
230 At the vet clinic
231 We’re fighting
232 You don’t know what to buy me
233 I’m not answering the phone
234 You have no phone signal
235 You’re lost (keep this in your car)
236 You don’t know if we’ll make it
237 You need help making a decision
238 You need to tell me something important
239 I’m being unfair to you
240 We haven’t talked in ages
241 I do something stupid
242 You do something stupid
243 You make a big purchase
244 I make a big purchase
245 You’re nostalgic
246 You’re down on your luck
247 You feel like it
248 You’re going through a crisis
249 You’re walking down memory lane
250 You receive these letters
251 You have no more letters to open

Open When Pin
So, there you have it! Our favourite 251 open when letter ideas. These cover a huge range of scenarios, but half the challenge is knowing what to include in these letters. The best ideas are personal; something special to you and your partner. To get you started, we’ve created a Pinterest board with the best ideas. Click on any of the links below to find out more.

Do you have any great open when letter ideas we haven’t covered on our list? Which has been your most successful? Let us know in the comments below and join the conversation.

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