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This week we had the pleasure of speaking to Lovely and Andrew, an amazing couple who met online through a shared love of piano music. They have lived a 10 hour drive apart for the entirely of their long distance relationship, but are finally in a position where they are ready to close the gap! Read their full story, as told by Lovely, below.

The Story of Lovely & Andrew

Lovely and Andrew

Lovely and Andrew

My fiancées name is Andrew Furmanczyk. He was raised born in Canada and he’s half Irish and half Polish. My name is Lovely Grace Bactol. Was born in the Philippines and a pure Filipina. I moved to Canada in 2009. Here’s our love story. It was 22 months ago, February last year I met him through online. I always wanted to learn piano since I was a little kid. Like it is my dream. But because of not able to afford it financially, I decided not to do it. But my love for piano is always there.

One night I found myself sitting at home staring at a digital piano that had somehow ended up in my living room. That was the time I decided to learn again. So I thought maybe there’s a free lessons online. I opened up youtube and searched “how to play piano”. “Piano lesson number one” by Andrew Furmanczyk aka lypur with over 9 million views that time and was published 2008. I decided I’d give it a try. I was hooked and soon made it through the first 10 lessons.

I find him very approachable, funny and very talented even though I was just watching him online. I sometimes found myself smiling with his jokes. Also I discovered that he is teaching piano for free online. And then I thought his girlfriend or wife must be so lucky. He is really a good hearted and selfless man. Anyway, I had this feeling inside like I can’t explain. Like really felt good every time I watched his videos. Then I decided to make a twitter account and followed him.

I tweeted him, thanking about his piano lessons and that I learned a lot. After five days, he followed and tweeted me back. I didn’t expect that he would. I was so happy and surprised when he asked me my email. After that night we started sending emails back and forth everyday, talking on Skype for hours and hours and I learned that we lived in the same province, B.C. Canada but different city.He’s 10 hours drive away from my city. He asked me to meet up.

First Dates and More

A Trip Together

A Trip Together

It was March 21st, last year in Waterfront station Vancouver we first met. I was so shy and nervous but he did his best to make me comfortable. We walked the Stanley Park. It takes 3-4 hours to walk the whole park. It was very cold that day, yet I felt so peaceful walking with him. It felt like I have known this man forever. Anyway, we rested and sat on a bench by the sea wall then he suddenly asked me if he could hold my hand. I was surprised and I said yes. I thought he just felt cold..But my heart was beating faster. And it felt right, and peaceful that I have never felt before in my whole life.

That’s when I knew I met my soulmate. Walking hand in hand with him, I think “I wanna walk with this man all my life”. Then when we head off to the station, we hugged and said goodbye. I will never forget that day. For me, it was very romantic and magical. But I never think that we will see each other again. I was happy when he asked me again to meet up the next day. So we met up and had lunch together and watched movie. The second day was even more romantic.

We started dating a month after, we went for a trip in the rockies, and got to meet his family when we were only dating for 2 months. Then he proposed to me when we’re dating for only five months. It wasn’t the proposal that every girl dreamed of. We were just wearing our pajamas that night. We were just having a deep conversation about our feelings to each other, then suddenly he asked me those magical words that changed my life forever. He told me he bought the ring a little while ago , like when we were dating for only 2 months and just waiting for the right time. It was unplanned and unexpected, but I have never been more confident in any decision that I ever made.

The Future

The couple plan to close the distance soon.

The couple plan to close the distance soon.

We are in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years now but we managed to see each other very often. And here we are till now, more sure and more stronger than before. And next year, I will be moving up there where he lives and we could start our life together and plan our wedding.

We have a lot of differences but the differences between us help us grow and to be a rounded couple. And that we will always keep learning and keep growing. And i know in my heart i found the right person for me. I didnt choose him. God chose him for me. I never thought I would met the person I wanna spend my whole life with online. Really the Lord works in mysterious ways. He is my God’s answered prayer, my blessing. And for that I am always grateful.

This is a hugely inspiring story, and wish Lovely and Andrew the best of luck with their wedding and plans to close the distance. You can keep up with the couple, and all of their LDR adventures via their Facebook page or YouTube channel. For all of our featured couples click here, or to submit your own story visit our submissions page.

– Chris & Chelsea


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