The Ultimate Long Distance Relationship Playlist

LDR Playlist

There is no doubt that long distance relationships are tough. There will be many times where you wish nothing more than to have your partner by your side, but fate will not allow it. This is the crux of long distance relationships, what makes them tougher, but also more rewarding, than a close proximity relationship. While we can take comfort in the fact that one day we will not have to say goodbye, and can stay with our partners, this thought process rarely helps us in the short term.

One particularly effective way to get through these difficult times is by listening to music. Music has a way of reaching the soul, and connecting with us on an emotional level that nothing else can rival. Perhaps it is why love is such a common theme in songs. Either way, it can definitely help you when you are struggling in your long distance relationship. We all miss our partners, and there is no easy way through this pain. But by listening to music, tuning out the world, and focussing on the future we can provide ourselves with at least a little comfort.

Listening To Music Helps Drown Out the World

Listening To Music Helps Drown Out the World

That is why we have put together what we believe is the ultimate long distance playlist. Listen together and feel close to one another, or listen when you are missing your partner to remember the times you have been together – there is no wrong way to use it. The songs are an eclectic mix of genres, about love and distance, showcasing the full range of emotions that long distance couples experience.

Our Long Distance Playlist

We put together this playlist using online streaming service Spotify, and would encourage you to do the same. While this is a great collection of songs full of meaning, nothing will ever have the same meaning as something that you create. We would recommend putting together your own playlists for each other to listen to. Having something that you and your partner made together is a wonderful feeling, and can make you feel closer to them even if they are not around.

If you don’t have access to Spotify, don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of alternative services you can make use of such as YouTube or Vevo. In fact, we even recommend making playlists in our list of Top 20 Online Activities for you and your LDR partner when you are not together. So don’t just listen to ours, remix it and create your own. And, without any further ado, this is our ultimate long distance playlist!

So how do you think we did? Are these the kind of songs that you would listen to when you are missing your partner, or do you think you could do better? Let us know what songs you would add to this playlist in the comments below, and share with us any you have made!

– Chris


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