A LDR Meet-up with Davy & Jane

Fellow LDR Couple Davy & Jane

Over the past few months, Chelsea and I have been talking online with fellow long distance couple Davy & Jane. We met Davy & Jane through Twitter, and asked if we could feature them on our blog (which you can read here). After getting to know them a bit more, we found out that Jane not only runs a similar long distance relationship blog – Davy & Janey, but that she also lives within an hour’s drive of my hometown of Plymouth.

We thought this would be a great opportunity for a long distance meet up, and double date. So, while Chelsea was in England this December, we arranged to meet Davy and Jane in her hometown of St Austell, only a short 45 minute train journey from where we were staying in Plymouth. And so began our first long distance meet up!

Ozzell Bowl!

Chris Getting Ready to Bowl

Chris Getting Ready to Bowl

Bowling was not the first date idea that came to mind. Originally we had planned to see a movie together, however what we wanted to see was unfortunately not playing while we were there. A last minute change of plans led us to Ozzell Bowl, St Austell’s Ten Pin Bowling Alley. We paid for two games, changed into our bowling shoes, and let the games begin.

Chris' Attempt at Bowling

Chris’ Attempt at Bowling

We decided to keep the barriers down for the length of the two games, leaving the gutters wide open. None of us were used to this, and it led to quite a few gutterballs. But that only made it even sweeter when one of us was able to score a spare, or even a strike. The scores were not high, but that didn’t matter. We weren’t there to play a competitive game, just to enjoy our time with another long distance couple who were fortunate enough to also be spending time together.

Davy & Jane at the Bowling Alley

Davy & Jane at the Bowling Alley

Between turns, there was plenty of opportunity to talk and get to know each other. We talked about common issues with long distance relationships; time differences and communication being the most prominent. We also found out more about each other’s plans for the future, and current situations. It’s amazing how much long distance couples have in common, and how much is the same despite vastly different circumstances.

Jane's Turn to Bowl

Jane’s Turn to Bowl

We finished our two games, and headed out. We had been at the bowling alley for perhaps a little over an hour, but in the short Winter day it was already starting to get dark and cold. We walked back into town to find somewhere to eat before Chelsea and I had to catch our train home.

Frankie & Benny’s

Fellow LDR Couple Davy & Jane

Fellow LDR Couple Davy & Jane

We settled on Frankie and Benny’s, a chain of UK restaurants with an American theme (of course)! Here we were able to sit, eat and talk some more. Over the course of the day we really got to know Davy and Jane, and it was great to hear the perspective of another long distance couple. They have their own challenges and end goals in their relationship, and we have ours. It’s always great to get to know another couple, and we are glad we did.

We wish Davy and Jane the best of luck with their plans to close the distance within the year, and hope that everything works out in their favour. We enjoyed our first LDR meet-up hugely, and would recommend it to any long distance couple. If you have a chance to go on a double date with another long distance couple – take it! You’ll be surprised how much you have in common.

– Chris


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