Weekly Featured Couple: Juvelyn & Cyrus

Juvelyn and Cyrus

Our latest featured couple are Juvelyn & Cyrus. Childhood sweethearts, this couple reconnected and their long distance relationship has blossomed ever since.

With a work contract coming to a close, the couple are now looking to travel together and form as many shared many memories as possible. Read their full story, as described by Juvelyn, below.

How Did You Meet?

I’m Juvie, 26 years old and my boyfriend is Cyrus, 29 years old. Our story started at a very young age. He was my childhood/neighbourhood friend when we were still living in the province. We did not talk or see each other that much since he studied in the city and only came home every weekend .

He sent me a love letter saying that he likes me and he wanted to court me. It was nothing special at that time since we were too young and my family needed to move to different place. We were not yet a couple but there was distance is between us. We kept in constant communication at first but months passed by and we lost track with each other. After 7 years we met again and we’ve been a couple ever since.

Juvelyn and Cyrus Collage

Juvelyn & Cyrus Were Childhood Sweethearts

What Is Your Situation Now?

Cyrus is working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and live in the Philippines. His contract is for 2 years and this is his 2nd time working abroad. Distance has played a large role in our relationship from the very start. You wouldn’t believe that we did not have a chance to celebrate our anniversary together for 8 years due to distance. We do not have many shared memories but I don’t regret the decision of loving him across a distance.

Our love for each other grows deeper each and every day. Distance may separate us but it’s not a hindrance making our relationship last. He even surprises me by sending flowers and chocolates. I am content and happy with what we have right now.

What Do You Find Difficult About the Distance?

Everything is difficult if you’re in a long distance relationship. Different timezones, bad internet connections, expensive airfares and even costly calls/ texts. I want to hug, cuddle, kiss and hold his hands but I can’t. I want to be with him but it’s totally impossible. But everything happens for a reason and I think the reason why we’re in this situation is to make us stronger and to test our love for each other.

Juvelyn and Cyrus Together

Juvelyn and Cyrus Together

We argue even if it’s just a little things but I am happy I found someone like Cyrus who’s very understanding. He is always there to cheer me up when I am down. We may be apart but I feel like he is just beside me. He has never changed since the 1st day we’ve been together.

What Is Your Advice for Long Distance Couples?

For all LDR couples out there – hang on guys. Distance is just temporary. If you really love each other, you’re willing to endure everything. The most important thing in a successful relationship is communication. If you have a problem or argue, don’t let it pass. Talk about it, be open and trust each other.

I think our story is unique and I think God really destined us to be together. We’ve been childhood friends separated for 7 years and in just a blink of an eye we’ve met again and had the chance to be a couple. Now we are fighting for our love against the distance. So just believe in the power of love and work for it. Stay in love and be happy!

What Are Your Plans for the Future?

His contract will end during September 2017 and we’re both very excited. We’re planning to go on trips and have some adventures. We are creating a bucket list of what we want  to do. Both of us like food so most likely the first thing on our list is to go on food inspired trip.

Juvelyn and Cyrus Beach

The Couple Have Travel Plans for the Future

We will start creating memories together and enjoy every second we’ve lost. He has been asking me if I am ready to start a new life with him (marriage). But for now I just want to enjoy of what we have and marriage will come at the right time. I am very excited and looking forward this September to be with him.

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