Weekly Featured Couple: Jeremy and Cristina (Follow Up)

Jeremy and Cristina in Mexico

The first time we spoke to Jeremy and Cristina, they were planning their first visit. Jeremy was counting down the days until he would fly from the US to Mexico to visit Cristina for three weeks. Now that they have met in person, we thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with the couple, and see how meeting in person has affected their long distance relationship.

How did you feel when you first met in person, and was it what you expected?

Jeremy: I think I was more nervous than she was. I could barely look her in the face I was so shy, and when I first saw her I noticed she was even more beautiful than I thought. So I was thinking the whole time that she wouldn’t like me and how could she like someone like me? It ended up that we got along very well, better than I could imagine!

Cristina: I felt so nervous, so anxious, since I saw him through the distance my heart changed completely. I was so so happy, and when I had him in front of me. WOW! I couldn’t even breathe… no, was not what I expected, he was even more than that. He’s amazing. Also, I didn’t expect to miss him this much now that he went back to his country.

Jeremy and Cristina's bought them even closer together

Jeremy and Cristina’s trip bought them even closer together

Did anything surprise you after meeting in person?

Jeremy: I thought we would get along well because we did on Skype, but I didn’t expect to get along as well as we did. We make the same jokes all the time. We make fun of each other the same. We complement each other the same. I’m surprised we are so much alike!

Cristina: Yeah, he is more handsome in real life, and his voice is even more perfect. I found that his eyes and his smile make my life more beautiful, that his hand on mine really makes my heart beat faster. And I found that his kisses have changed my life forever!

What did you do to enjoy your time together?

Jeremy: We travelled a lot. We went all over Mexico City and to a few different states in Mexico and we saw so many things. The weather was very nice almost the entire trip. Even on days where we couldn’t travel or do many things we just enjoyed each other’s company.

Cristina: We travelled a lot, and a lot! We talked a lot and we “talked” without words; because “the best words of love are between two persons that say nothing”. We played a lot (I love to play with him).

Jeremy and Cristina holding hands

Jeremy and Cristina holding hands

How has this changed your relationship now?

Jeremy: Our relationship is even stronger now, now that we know we like each other in person. Before we met we couldn’t be sure how well we would get along in person, we could only guess. But now that we know we can take the next step toward our future together.

Cristina: Our relationship is much better. Now I feel more in love, I really feel that I love him with all I am. I mean… I love him even more. Every time with him, every memory, every thought, every beat of my heart tell me that HE is the one and only, the man I love. The love of my life.

Have your relationship goals changed, and how?

Our plans haven’t changed. Our main plan is to be together permanently, but Cristina still plans to see me in December. I still plan to move to Mexico with her for a while until we move somewhere else.

Jeremy and Cristina still plan to move forward with their plans, motivated by their love

Jeremy and Cristina still plan to move forward with their plans, motivated by their love

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– Chris & Chelsea

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