Weekly Featured Couple: Jane and Davey

Featured Couple Jane and Davey

This week’s featured couple is Jane and Davey. Jane currently lives in Cornwall, UK while Davey lives in The Netherlands. They can find it difficult to see each other as often as they would like, but are nonetheless, happily engaged and excited to begin building their future together. They also keep their own blog which you can check out here, with updates about their lives, book reviews and more. We hope that they are able to see their plans come to fruition and wish them the very best in starting their lives together, and closing the distance. Featured Couple Davey and Jane

How Did You Meet?

We first met in May 2010 online. I was a live streamer on Justin.TV, whilst Davy was a viewer that one day happened to come into the chat there. We then moved things onto Skype early June that year; we would talk pretty much every day, all day until we suddenly lost contact in August. We rekindled our friendship in January 2011, again talking non-stop and sharing everything together until my family were made homeless in June 2011. But this time, it didn’t take too long for us to start speaking again – only about two months (due to no internet access). Then in the September we confessed how we felt about each other (after a little nudging from me, hehe) and on October 17 2011 we finally became official.

What Is Your Situation Now?

We’re still long distance after almost three years together. But since our first anniversary as a couple, Davy has come to visit me five times in Cornwall. I would have loved to visit him in The Netherlands but unfortunately my family’s finances aren’t great, so that will have to wait for a few years (although I do think that will happen when we’re permanently together). We’re recently very happily engaged, after he proposed on a beach at sunset in June this year, which was the sweetest and cutest thing anyone has ever done for me.

The Engagement Ring

The Engagement Ring

What Do You Find Difficult About the Distance?

Of course, the one answer to this for all LDR couples has to be the physical side of things. One thing me and Davy can’t get enough of is cuddles and the endless amount of tickles. It’s also really difficult to not hold each other when it gets really tough not being together, just the little things like holding hands or the little glances across the room. Of course, there is always Skype, voice-notes and pictures but the fact that you don’t get to just touch the other’s face, or console them physically is always the toughest part for us.

What Is Your Advice for Other Long Distance Couples?

Don’t be scared to confide in each other, if you’re finding it hard to cope with the distance but you’re scared to tell your SO – just communicate it with them. The chances are that they’ll be feeling the same and that you can air how you both feel and laugh about it afterwards. Make sure you do things together as much as you can. Watch films online together, make your own book club where you read books (even if it’s not the same book) together, make up little games that are unique to you both. We tend to take random pictures of things around us, up close, and then make the other guess it on WhatsApp – it’s like eye spy…but far more fun. And just try to communicate as much as possible.

What Are Your Plans For the Future?

We’re hoping to close the distance sometime in 2015 (most likely to be the middle part of the year), Davy will be moving over to Cornwall with me and we’ll be living with my parents for the first few years. We are hoping to be married eventually, but that all depends on the financial situation – ideally we’d like to be married in 2017. We know that we want children (we’re that kind of couple who randomly just decided to choose the names of our children one day) in the future, but probably not until we’re both around 25-26 so that we’re settled when the distance is finally closed. All I know is that we can’t wait for all of that to happen! <3 Featured Couple Davey and JaneFor all of our featured couples click here, or to submit your own story visit our submissions page.

– Chris & Chelsea


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