4 Challenges of an International Long Distance Relationship (Vlog #17)

There’s no doubt that dating long distance is tough. But international long distance relationships are, quite often, a whole different matter. There’s an extra layer of complexity wrapped up in both practical and cultural differences that must be worked through.

Even though Chris and I are both from similar countries (the UK & USA) we experienced a number of these challenges ourselves. For us the hardest part of an international relationship was the border crossing. Even though we were entirely ready to see each other again, we could never being entirely sure that we would make it through the border. There was always a possibility we could be turned away.

Challenges of International Relationships

In this video, we discuss four of the biggest challenges that we’ve noticed in our own international long distance relationship. From cultural barriers (that include a lot of misunderstandings) to the inevitable role that families will play in your relationship. It’s natural for family and friends to have concerns about your international relationship, and perhaps be more hesitant than you are – but don’t take this to heart.

We also talk about a few examples of how these things have impacted our relationship and the coping mechanisms that we have made use of in the past.

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What Challenges Have You Found?

Most importantly – we always remind ourselves that every relationship will have it’s fair share of bumps in the road. But it is how we overcome them that define us as who we are.

Of course, every relationship is different. The challenges that we faced may not be the same ones that you encounter. So, if you are in an international relationship – let us know if you have come across some of the difficulties that we mention in this video, or you think that there are some we have missed in the comments below.



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