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We love supporting long distance couples, which is why we blog about everything long distance to help couples with anything they may experience along the way. We all share one goal, to close the gap!  We felt that there is not enough proof out there reflecting anything positive about long distance relationships. Not like you need the facts to see why your long distance relationship will work, because no statistic can determine your happiness within your relationship.

But for every one article we’ve read about long distance working, we’ll see two more indicating otherwise. We wanted to even the score,  so we created our own infographic showing that long distance relationships can work.

LDR Infographic

Statistics are all well and good, but we love hearing your personal long distance success stories too! Are you one of the 60% that have conquered the distance? Or do you plan to in the future? Let us know in the comments below and inspire others with your long distance love story.

– Chris & Chelsea


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