Weekly Featured Couple: Grace & Tom

Featured Couple: Grace & Tom

This week, we’re featuring Grace & Tom – a long distance couple who are in the final steps of closing the distance between them. Despite the 4,000+ mile distance between California and the UK, Grace and Tom beat the odds, first marrying and now tackling the UK Spouse visa application. Oh, and did we mention they wrote to (and received a response from) The Queen?

We wish both of them the best of luck with their application. Their story is a great one, growing from friends to partners and now taking the plunge to moving across the world to be together. Read their full story, as told by Grace, below.

How Did You Meet?

Tom and I are both YouTube Vloggers. In 2013 I was searching Instagram for other content creators to collaborate with and I found him! We began messaging each other on Facebook and Skype and found that we had so much in common. No matter what we were going on in our lives, graduating highschool, starting university, getting a driver’s license, interviewing for a new job,  we stayed in contact daily and I felt as if my life would not be complete without him.

Grace & Tom Together

Grace & Tom Together

We sent each other letters and Christmas and birthday presents and we dreamed about one day meeting. 2 years later that day finally came, and Tom came to visit me in California. By the end of his week long trip he became my first ever Valentine and my first official boyfriend.

What Is Your Situation Now?

After a years worth of trips between the UK and the US and conquering an incredible number of hardships, I am very happy to say that this past February Tom and I got married! We are currently going through the spouse visa application process which is how we stumbled upon your awesome blog! Unfortunately I will have to leave the UK when I submit my application but I’m hoping this will be the last time we have to be apart.

What Do You Find Difficult About the Distance?

Saying goodbye at the airport is one of the most gut wrenching experiences I’ve ever had to go through, and I can guarantee it never gets any easier. We get so sad the week leading up to it and even when we are together I have dreams about it and wake up crying. Once you get used to seeing your loved one every day, it is absolutely heart breaking to be taken away from them and have to readjust to 8 hour time differences and continue your relationship through a tiny screen.

Some days I’d get so depressed being away from Tom that I’d have trouble getting to work. My parents were worried about me but they understood what I was going through. My mother is originally from Argentina and my father is from the US so they definitely knew long distance wasn’t easy. I have no idea how they survived without Skype and FaceTime!

What is You Advice for Other Long Distance Couples?

Don’t give up hope! Tom and I have been through so much together. We’ve worked our way through difficult jobs and spent money we didn’t have just so we could be together for a couple weeks at a time. So many discouraging things can happen – a flight price might go up a ridiculous amount, your Skype call won’t connect no matter what piece of furniture you stand on top of, you don’t meet the requirements for a specific visa, etc.

Grace & Tom in London

Grace & Tom in London

But if you’re meant to be together, you’ll find a way. I’d also suggest finding a strong support group who can help you through your toughest moments. I cannot emphasize just how important it is to have friends and family who support your relationship and can cheer you up when you’re feeling hopeless and defeated.

What Are Your Plans for the Future?

Now that we are married, we hope to get a Spouse Visa sorted in the next few months. Fingers crossed it all goes well! Once that is out of the way I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my amazing husband in a beautiful new country. I cannot wait until the day when we can finally stop counting down our time together. No more time limits, no more airport goodbyes, no more staying up until 4am just to say good morning! We will finally have the life together we have always dreamed of.

Bonus – the letter Grace & Tom received  after writing to the Queen about their situation. 

Grace's Letter from the Queen

Grace’s Letter from the Queen

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– Chris & Chelsea


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