Do Long Distance Relationships Work? (Vlog #13)

Any couple in a long distance relationship will recognise this question. Do long distance relationships (LDRs) work? It’s a question often asked by concerned family & friends, or even those that have previously been through an international/ long distance breakup.

In this video, we attempt to answer that question. In short, we believe that, just like any relationship, your LDR can work. There’s no doubt that they can be more difficult and stressful to manage – but by openly communicating and understanding each other’s needs, there is certainly a strong possibility that you’ll close the distance.

Our Long Distance Relationship

Throughout the video, we also discuss some of the tips and advice that we followed during our time dating long distance. Even though we’ve now closed the distance and are living together in the UK, dating across time zones (with an 8 hour time difference) is still very much fresh in our minds.

We would certainly agree that long distance relationships take more work than most. During ours, we discovered the importance of setting clear objectives, communicating regularly and taking advantage of every moment we could. Find out why we think your long distance relationship will work too in the video below.

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Need more proof that long distance relationships can work (just as much as any close proximity relationship)? Take a look at the infographic we produced to show, in numbers, that long distance relationships are not doomed to fail.

Tell Us About Your LDR

We love hearing stories from other couples. So, if you’ve been in a long distance relationship, let us know in the comments below and share your story.

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