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I never anticipated dating a British man, ever. When I first went to England I was there purely to have fun, and enjoy my time with my lovely friend. Meeting Christopher and developing feelings for him was a complete surprise! I’ve never been a girl who desired dating a guy from outside of the US, but I wasn’t opposed to the idea of it.

Christopher and I have been dating for over a year now, and I can honestly say that dating him has been very exhilarating. Our relationship is strong, and filled with lots of humour. We love each other no differently than if we were from the same country. To read more about our our story and how we met, check out this article.

I have been asked by my friends “What’s it like to date a British man?” It’s not a common coupling that you’ll see in my hometown. I remind them that dating a Brit is no different than dating an American because you don’t experience extreme culture shock when visiting their country, and you can understand their language naturally without carrying a translation dictionary (although some people may beg to differ). But in my opinion there are some subtle differences that do stand out between British guys and American guys, everything is similar but yet also different.

The British Accent

A Brit and American in love

A Brit and American in love

Most obviously their accent sets them apart from the American boys back home. It’s enough to make American girls knees buckle. Maybe it’s the movies we’ve watched growing up that portrayed princes and princesses with these accents that created this obsession, but there is something about a British accent that makes you feel like birds are singing in your ears.

I laugh as I say that, I have honestly asked Chris to say “I love it when you scratch your butt” because with his accent, it’s still memorising. Now of course he’ll deny that he is the one with the sexy accent and say it’s me, but we all know they have the sexy accent! We will laugh at each other as we try and mimic each others accents, mostly it’s just me trying though. Chris is still far too embarrassed to really try to sound American!

Words and Phrases

British Accent, love love love

British Accent: love love love!

To this day, there are still things that Chris and I stumble upon that have different words or phrases in our countries. For example,“Sprinkles” or so we call it in America, edible confetti-like sugar bits in a variety of colour. In Britain they’re called “Hundreds and thousands”. This to me is just mind boggling. Why would it be called anything different? Why can’t we call things the same? It will throw me off from time to time in our conversations because naturally my mind has to “translate” his sentence and covert it within seconds before I truly understand what he was talking about.

My family loves it when Chris comes over to visit, especially my young cousin Kacy. She likes to point to random things in the house and tell Chris what we call it in America “We call that suitcase”. Most of the time it’s something that shares the same name in England, but for laughs, Chris will call it something completely different to mess with her “We call that a travelling box”. It gets her every time!

Hot Apple Cider, AKA Cider.

Hot Apple Cider, AKA Cider.

At first, when we first started dating Chris thought I was an alcoholic! In Autumn and Winter I enjoy drinking hot apple cider. If we were Skyping I would mention that I was drinking cider (it would be around 10 am). The poor guy thought I was drinking a alcoholic cider. He never had the heart to say anything until one day it came up in our conversation. But here it’s not uncommon with my family and friends, to just refer to hot apple cider as “cider”. My poor boyfriend was lost in translation!



Long and pointy English shoes.

Long and pointy English shoes.

I think their sense of style is more appealing. Casual blazers, nice button up shirts, and sophisticated shoes. The boys certainly do present themselves better in Britain than the American boys I’ve seen. I wouldn’t say they are more fashionable than anyone, but I don’t see boys walking around town with their pants hanging off of their butts or wearing over sized sneakers, looking like a clown.

British guys look so handsome in suits, and they really do know how to wear them well! I always find myself gawking at Chris when he dresses. He is less inclined to wear tacky t-shirts and exposing his boxers with saggy jeans. Instead he wears jeans that fit comfortably but stay at his waist, sometimes he’ll wear a nice jumper or just a plain t-shirt, but he always looks clean. I definitely appreciate that!

Did you know that I’ve been able to identify a British man based off his shoes!? I have been correct more than once about this observation. To me they look fancy. They are something you wouldn’t see an American guy wear unless he was going to work some where professionally, or dress for a formal event or party.

I’ve seen guys in England wearing these shoes around town while shopping, having a night out with some friends, and even at a house party. These shoes are long! Especially at the toes. I thought only women’s shoes had pointy tips like these, but I was surprised to see that British men will rock them too. I imagine if an American man wore them, he’d feel like a clown, their dress shoes are not nearly as elongated as the styles I have seen in England.

Life’s Not All About Tea and Crumpets

I can only assume that when anyone asks me what it’s like to date a Brit they’re mostly interested in knowing if their stereotypes are true. Tea sipping, bad teeth, overly posh speaking guys who all look like James Bond. Yes they drink tea more than we do, but it’s not like Chris carries around tea bags in his wallet waiting for his clock to turn to 4pm.

Dating a British man is fun. The way we communicate, the way our relationship develops, and our cultures are not that diverse, but it’s enough to feel a bit amazed as the days and weeks go on.

Dating My Brit

Chris enjoying a party

Chris enjoying a party with friends.

So what’s it like to date Chris? He is a Brit who is quick witted. Even when he banters with his friends and is relentlessly taking the piss out of them, he sounds so dramatic and smart. He occasionally drinks tea, dries his laundry all around his bedroom, and finds it weird that in America we use window screens to prevent bugs from flying into the house- even though he complained about a bee getting in our room in England before!

He prefers to wear casual blazers on a night out, and not complain to his waiter when he orders a beef burger and instead they serve him a chicken breast fillet. Sometimes the things he says confuses me, like when I ask if he is going to go to bed and he replies “I should do”…. Should do what Christopher? His teeth are not repulsive, and he can certainly hold his liquor better than I ever can! He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, I love my Brit! To read more about our our story and how we met, check out this article.

– Chelsea



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Chelsea Martin

Chelsea Martin is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI). She has been training dogs professionally since 2007, and is the Head Coach for Dogs Trust Dog School Nottinghamshire. She met Chris on a trip to England in 2013, Married him on New Year's Eve - celebrating 2016 as husband and wife!

  • Tiffany

    Thank you for this article! I’ve been dating a man from England for about a month and find myself scowering the Internet to learn more about the differences in our cultures. Because of the time difference, talking on the phone doesn’t happen as often as we’d like! I love finding articles like this that I can share with him! Thank you!

  • If I wanted to know how you met, how would I find out?

    • Chris Martin

      Hi Oliver,

      You can read the story of how we here!

      Best wishes,

  • Mindy Young

    Hi Chelsea,
    I’ve always wanted to meet a British guy. They’re more polite, respectful and charming. No matter what they say, it’s poetic. I love watching American movies with British men in them. I absolutely love their accent. I too could listen to their accent all the time. Plus, like you said, they dress better. It’s a relief not to see a guy with his pants ready to fall off any minute. I just hate it when a guy wears pants that show his und er pants, it’s disgusting. British men are so cute and handsome. Unfortunately for me, I can’t afford a trip to any foreign countries and that includes even Britain.
    Mindy Young

    • Hello Mindy,

      If you meet the right guy and everything works out well, You don’t have to be the one expected to travel – especially right away. If they wanted to make it work, you can arrange how often who would visit whom. Have you heard of the dating website datebritishguys.com ? If you’re not completely opposed to online dating services, they may be worth a try! I do not personally know anybody who has used this specific website but I haven’t heard anything negative about it either.

      Kind regards,

  • Kallie

    That was very accurate, I’ve married a Englishman and I was wondering if you noticed a level of maturity? Even in the young ones that surpass your typical Amercan male adults.

    I would also like to say they are very passionate about their children and families. I was married with two children from an American guy, I couldn’t get him to work and be responsible so 90% of child rearing, and working were left to me, while he played video games.

    Now I’m remarried with a 1 year old baby with my English husband and I’m so happy that I have a actual man, not a boy. He takes up equal amounts of time up with all the kids. We aren’t rich but he will sacrifice everything for the kids and I sometimes it isn’t even nessecary but it’s his way, and he won’t let us do without.

    My ex husband has been MIA for 3 years now, even the kids can’t reach him. Apparently he’s been couch surfing and can’t be bothered with being a dad…

    Not all American men are like this, but when put side by side with a Brit there is no comparison. There is also a level of policing eachother. I know my husband won’t leave the house looking “scruffy” or unshaven. He also takes his role as husband and father seriously because he doesn’t want to seem inadequate. While our guys usually have no embarrassment about skipping out entirely on that role.

    • Hi Kallie,

      Congratulations on your baby boy, I’m glad you have found a loving and supportive husband!

      I have noticed that there is a different level of maturity with the boys & men in the UK compared to American ones. I’m older than Christopher by 5 years but I feel like in our maturity that he often surpasses me! We haven’t started a family yet, we are waiting a few years to do so. But I believe that already he is more invested in the idea of having a baby and discussing how we’ll raise them more than many American men that I know.

      Only good things,

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Kallie,
      I have noticed also that in general, British boys and men are far more mature and sensible than their American counterparts. I suspect that culturally, they are expected to be more responsible and mature. Here in America, our response to lack of maturity is to make it worse by, say, upping the drinking age or imposing all sorts of rules on young people about things like driving. The real problem is that we are raising spoiled, irresponsible, and sheltered brats. I definitely like their culture, however “un-American” that may be. I think you’re very fortunate to have found an Englishman. They are generally more respectful and I love their witty and intelligent sense of humor. As a whole, I think they have better values and the men are not part of a culture that thinks it’s cool to be immature, lax, and irresponsible as a partner and father. Good for you!!!

  • Brazilian gal

    I am a Brazilian woman dating an English guy… I’ve learned America English so we too have fun with those differences: “crisps, chips”. I think they are really special, so different from Brazilian macho culture, for my British boyfriend kindness, sweetness and chivalry won’t make him less masculine.

    • We’ll said! I couldn’t agree with you more. How long have you two been dating?

      • Brazilian gal

        We’ve been dating for 3 months. It’s been the best 3 months of my life.

        • Dênia

          Hello, Brazilian gal. I am Brazilian too and I am engaged to a Brit guy. I completely agree with what you said about the Brazilian macho culture and I would never be able to date a Brazilian guy again after I met my fiancé. (Actually, I wouldn’t be able to date anyone but him now) :)

      • Brazilian gal

        We’ve been dating for 3 months. It’s been the best 3 months of my life.

      • Natalia A

        It is me again, the “Brazilian Gal”… well it’s been 10 months so far! He finally met my family here in Brazil. We’ve visited some historical cities in Minas Gerais state in September and it was wonderful to meet him again.

        Now we’ve been planing our future. I am a medical doctor and I am not so sure I want to go to the UK and work for the NHS.

    • We’ll said! I couldn’t agree with you more. How long have you two been dating?

  • Dênia


    I’ve found very interesting the similarities between your Brit and my Brit :) What I like the most is the kind way he has of treating me and consider my feelings.

    Best luck!