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There are a vast array of apps in the marketplace that help you communicate with your Long Distance partner. They range from the generic (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber) to the more relationship focused. This is where Couple comes in. It is not the only app which provides a direct line of communication to a single person, but we have found it the easiest to use and, by far the most comprehensive. It understands the difficulties of relationships, and makes life easier. While it is true that it is not necessarily designed for Long Distance Relationships, and can also be used by couples in close proximity, we find it an invaluable tool for when we are apart.

Couple - An app for two.

Couple – An app for two.

What Sets Couple Apart?

So, what are the features that set Couple apart from the others out there. First, there is fact that it can help you plan life together. Use the list feature, to create to do lists, and either partner can check them off when done. The shared calendar allows you to keep the most important dates, and schedules in one place. And the location features mean you can track your partner on flights or business trips to see how close they are getting to you. This, combined with the moments feature allows you to keep everything important to your life together in one place.

The moments feature is one of the most useful to Chelsea and I as a couple. This keeps all of the photos, drawings, videos and audio clips you have sent to each other in one place. After you have been using the app for a while, this can become a little cluttered, and it can be difficult to find things from early on in your relationship, but all of your recent moments are just a touch of a button. These can serve as reminders of your loved one, and can help you feel closer while your apart. Listen to your partner’s voice before you go to sleep, or watch them talk to you.

And, of course, all photos, videos, pictures and audio can be created in the app. We should mention that we have had trouble with the video feature before, but this is only a minor concern, and everything else works great. Once you’ve created your photo or video, its also possible to set it to self destruct after a certain amount of time. This can really help if you want to give your partner a “once-only” surprise, or use Couple like Snapchat.

Couple’s Main Feature

The main feature of Couple however, is the dedicated chat timeline. This is similar to the chat logs of any instant messenger, whether it be Facebook, WhatsApp, or others. However, as the name suggests, you can only message one person on Couple, your partner. So rest assured that everything is safe, and no-one else can access your private information. Once you have paired your accounts (a straightforward process), only you and your partner can access the feed. And in this feed you will find chat logs, photos, videos, audio messages, stickers, and ‘thinking of you’s.

A ‘Thinking of you’ is a special message that reads only “Thinking of You” to let your partner know when you are (as it says) thinking of them. Chelsea and I use these to end conversations, or when we are going to bed. But others may prefer to  use them to remind their partner they love them at difficult times throughout the day. And, more than that, you can even digitally ‘kiss’ your partner, using Couple’s Thumbkiss feature. Simply open Thumbkiss and place your thumb on the screen. Wait for your partner to do the same (they will receive a notification) and bring your thumbs together to kiss, turn the screen red and vibrate. In an LDR this brings a level of intimacy that is pretty much unprecedented by any other form of technology.

The Thumbkiss feature of Couple

The Thumbkiss feature of Couple

Why We Love Couple

It is hard to simplify why we love Couple. But, in short, it makes our relationship easier, and it brings us closer together in the digital world when we cannot be together in the physical one. Couple describes itself as an intimate place for two. And that is what it feels like to us. A place to go to, to be together, and as close as possible. With some new features like desktop support, we can now do that at home or on the go. It is as close as we have ever come to being together while apart. And Couple reminds us that we are not alone either, that there are others out there making Long Distance Relationships work. Take a look at their real time usage map, to see just how many couples are talking across the world.

Share your life with your partner, wherever you are.

Share your life with your partner, wherever you are.

So, thank you Couple, from Chelsea and I. Thank you for making our relationship a little easier, and making us feel closer than ever before. For providing a place, where we can talk about the most intimate of things, and keep a digital record of our lives together. One day, we will be together in person, in a close proximity relationship. But will we stop using Couple? No. Even then, I will want to remind Chelsea that I’m thinking of her at work, or send her photos of my day. And Couple is, for us, the perfect place to do it.

– Chris


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