My Visa Biometrics Enrolment Experience (Vlog #12)

As part of my visa application, I was required to enrol my biometric data at the USCIS centre in Seattle (USA). This was about an hour and a half away from where I was living at the time – and most of the time was spent waiting.

In this video I outline my experience of enrolling my biometric data, including: what documents I bought with me to the appointment, what happened during the course of my appointment and how it differed from what I was expecting.

What Are Biometrics?

Biometrics are any unique biological measurements such as fingerprints that can be used to verify identity. For visa applicants, biometrics usually refer to a 10 digit fingerprint and facial scan. This data is then used in your application to issue a machine-readable, tamper resistant visa.

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My Biometric Enrolment Experience

Having never attended a biometrics appointment before, I researched on several expat forums what to expect. From what I read, I was able to construct a rough idea of what I should bring. Because everybody’s experience was slightly different, it wasn’t possible to find a concrete answer – but I was at least able to come prepared.

Arriving 15 minutes early (as the website specified) at my appointment, I had my documents on hand. I spoke with the receptionist, took a slip to fill out and sat down to wait. When my name was called, I took my documents to a desk where I enrolled my biometric data. This involved having my fingerprints & photograph taken. Afterwards, I was given a slip with extra information & next steps before heading home.

It is important to research what to expect and bring to appointments depending on the country you are applying for a visa to & from. My application, for example, was for a UK visa from the USA.

We know that many visa applicants are required to go through a similar process, and not all will be the same as mine. If you have been to a biometrics enrollment appointment, in any country, let us know and share your experience in the comments below.


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  • Linda Ang Marasco

    Hi Chris & Chelsea,
    My husband and I are going to apply our spouse visa this October. However, when my husband got his work letter from HR, the HR states what’s in the contract which is £16,500+20% early & late shift premium, 33.33% night shift premium”.
    These add up to more than £18,600 annually.
    Our question is, would it affect our application if the letter doesn’t states that my husband is earning more than £18,600 annually?
    Thank you!

    Linda & Darran