Confusing Differences Between British & American Houses (Vlog #14)

During the course of our three year long distance relationship (we’ve now closed the distance and are happily married in the UK) Chris and I stayed in a lot of British and American houses.

Whether it was visits to each other’s home, taking advantage of local Airbnbs or meeting friends and family – we stayed in a surprising amount of houses. What did we learn? That there are some big differences between how American & British houses are built.

Differences in Houses

So what exactly are these differences? We discuss some of the most strange and surprising in the video below. But a couple of the ones which top my list include: the location of washers/ dryers, and plug sockets.

For example, did you know that it’s extremely uncommon to find a plug socket in a British house due to health and safety regulation? On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself subconsciously looking for a hair dryer outlet without realising.

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Did you know about these differences between homes in the US and UK? It’s especially surprising considering how similar both countries are. In fact, in many newer buildings it seems that a lot of these differences are being put aside and properties are becoming more homogenised.

What About Your Country?

After realising the extent of the differences in British and American homes – Chris and I also realised that the same must be true all over the world. So, have you lived in (or visited) multiple countries?

If so, what oddities have you noticed about the houses in each? It could be something as small as the layout of the rooms, or an unexpected piece of furniture. No matter how big or small, share your stories & experiences with us in the comments below.



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